Website design for the equine professional.



  • Consulting - I am glad to meet with you and go over your internet needs and options. Simple to understand explanations of how it all works, from bandwidth to keywords optimization and submissions. Don't be dazzled by techno-babble!
  • Hosting - I use who has continually provided me with exceptional service and great pricing options. You can view the packages available and you pay eHost directly, so there is no doubt about what you're paying for with hosting fees. They're Intro Package starts at $79/year and provides more than enough space and bandwidth for most websites. They offer much larger packages as well.
  • Already have a site? - But unhappy with your current webmaster and 'look', we can negotiate fee options depending on the amount of work needed.
  • Already have hosting? -  No problem, I use your hosting plan instead of arranging new hosting.
  • Design Rates - For a basic website my fees are as follows:
    $150 for the first main page / $75 each additional page. Keywords, metatags, search engine optimization and submissions are included.
  • Maintenance & Updates - Depending on your needs, we can arrange a flat monthly fee. Otherwise, for occasional updates I charge $35/hour.
  • Special effects - $35/hour.

Friendly & prompt service you can rely on.